Mechanical Data
Full Page Bleed: 23.3 cm x 15.75 cm ( app. 5 mm bigger than Finished book size)
Bleed sizes are trim sizes – please leave an extra margin of 5 mm on all sides for trimming.
Text should remain within the type area.
Full Page Print Area: 20.3 cms x 12.7 cms (Non bleed)
Half Page Print Area: 9.5 cms x 12.7 cms (Non bleed)
Material Required
1. File format: Composite (i.e. CMYK) PDF file in pre press mode.
2. The file must have colour schemes, text, tints and all images
Incorporated only in CMYK.
3. The artwork must have crop marks and register marks.
4. The size of the artwork must be in accordance with the size specification provided.
5. A CMYK colour printout or progressive proof of the
artwork in actual size must be provided as tech proof.
6. Screen ruling should be 150 lpi.