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Ecology, Economy and Society- The INSEE
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The Journal of the Indian Society of
Ecological Economics

Submission -> Guidelines

All articles will be submitted electronically. In order to facilitate blind review all identifying information of the author(s) shall be removed from the text of the submission. The papers are required to have the following sections:
  1. Title page: Will contain title of the paper, the full name of the authors, their affiliation, email address with the name of the corresponding author indicated (in case there are more than one author).
  2. Abstract: All contributions exceeding 1500 words will have a short introductory para not exceeding 200 words.
  3. Main Text: This will have no identifying information and will include the main text of the paper. Tables and Figures and References will be submitted separately, with clear indications in the text of their respective preferred locations.
  4. Tables: This will contain all tables in Excel or Word format (either in Microsoft, Open Office or Libre Office format) with headings, number and sources.
  5. Figures: This will contain all figures and images in suitable high resolution format (at least 300 dpi in case of images) with headings, number and sources. Original data file used for drawing the Figures be submitted separately. Coloured figures will only be placed on the e-version. The printed version will only carry black and while figures and images.
  6. References: All references in the text of the paper must be placed in this file. All submissions will follow Author-date system of Chicago Manual of Style.
All contributors will have to submit a declaration on the (a) copyright-free attribute of the content, (b) plagiarism-free attribute of the content, and any such. In case copyrighted material is used, the necessary permission must be enclosed with the submission in a separate file.