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The Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE), welcomes individuals, institutions and other bodies in agreement with the objectives of the Society and are prepared to work for their furtherance to become its members.

1. Application Form:

Individuals and institutions desirous to become a member of the Society, may express their interest by filling up a form online and follow the procedures outlined here to complete the application process. In case the applicant faces any difficulties in filling the form online they may download the form given here.


2. Proposer and Seconder:

The applicant shall identify a Proposer and a Seconder from among the existing members for recommending their application. 

  1. The applicant shall send a soft copy of the duly filled application form (downloaded PDF version) as an attachment to the Proposer (through her/his email address) with a copy to Office ( ). 
  2. The Proposer will forward (a) above with the consent, if any, to the Seconder (through her/his/its email address) with a copy to the Office, along with the said application form as attachment.  
  3. The Seconder will forward (b) above to the Office with the consent, if any, along with the said application form as attachment.

In case applicants face any difficulties in locating a Proposer and a Seconder, the Membership Committee ( may be contacted.

3. Approval of Application:

The applicant will be informed by the Office, of approval or rejection of application within seven working days of receipt of consent from the Seconder.


4. Payment of Membership Fees:

After receiving the approval from the Office, the applicant should make the payment as per the requisite membership fees. With effect from April 15, 2016, the membership fees are as follows:

Membership Category

Amount (in INR)

I- Individual


a. Ordinary (Annual)     500
b. Life  5,000
c. Student *     500

II- Institutional


a. Non-profit Organizations 20,000
b. Others 30,000
* Fee valid for maximum of 5 years subject to student status


Membership fee is payable by NEFT or by cheque/demand draft in favour of ‘The Indian Society for Ecological Economics’ to the INSEE bank account as given below.


Name of the Bank:

Canara Bank

Bank Address:

B/O Institute of Economic Growth University of Delhi Enclave

Delhi 110007 (India).

Name of the Account Holder:

The Indian Society for Ecological Economics

Account Number (Saving Bank):


IFSC Code :

CNRB 000 8461


5. Confirmation of Membership:

The application process will be deemed complete only after receipt of (a) completed application form, (b) consent(s) from Proposer and Seconder and (c) the appropriate membership fees, by the Office of the Society. Upon receipt of the above, the applicant will be enrolled as a member of the Society.