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Bina Agarwal awarded Balzan prize

The Prize’s aim is to foster culture, the sciences and the most meritorious initiatives in the cause of humanity, peace and fraternity among peoples throughout the world. The Prizes are awarded in the following subject areas: (i) literature, moral sciences, and the arts; (ii) physical, mathematical and natural sciences and medicine; and (iii) humanities, peace and fraternity among peoples. The four subject areas, two in literature, the moral sciences and the arts, and two in the physical, mathematical and natural sciences and medicine, change every year. No more than four prizes may be awarded in any one year.

Citation reads as follows:

For challenging established premises in economics and the social sciences by using an innovative gender perspective; for enhancing the visibility and empowerment of rural women in the Global South; for opening new intellectual and political pathways in key areas of gender and development.

It has been awarded in the "moral sciences" subject area.