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INSEE Panel at UrBio Conference

INSEE had sponsored a panel and a talk atUrban Biodiversity Conference (UrBio) 2012, at IIT Mumbai, 8-9 October,2012. Rapid urbanization has made the issue of conserving biodiversity and ecosystem services in urban landscapes an important issue. The purpose of the panel was to initiate greater awareness of the methodological, ecological, socio-economic and legal aspects of conserving biodiversity and ecosystem services in urban

Jagdish Krishnaswamy and Leo Saldanha gavetalks and held a panel discussion on Conservation in Cities on 8th October, respectively titled ‘Spatial and temporal dimensions of above ground carbon in Bangalore city’ and ‘Conserving Commons is fundamental to making Indian Cities Habitable’. Krishnaswamy had focused on integrated remote-sensing-ground measurement based technique to estimate above ground carbon storage in trees, and its spatial distribution in relation to the distribution of two other ecosystem services, recharge to ground-water and water bodies as well asbiodiversity, apart from the institutional and urban planning aspects of retaining and enhancing the city's carbon
storage services and the resilience of this service to future growth and expansion. Saldanha had explored the complex socio-economic and governance issues towards achieving a socially just and biodiversity and ecosystem services friendly urban environment in India’s cities; the successful public interest litigation effort to secure the future of water bodies and lakes in Bangalore and Karnataka was used as illustration. Saldanha and Krishnaswamy then discussed these issues with the audience with questions related to the efforts to secure Bangalore’s water bodies. Harini Nagendra gave a talk on 9th October, titled ‘Conservation in Cities - The impact ofurbanization on biodiversity and ecosystem services in Bangalore’. It was focused upon results from a long term program of research in Bangalore, to describe  how changes in urban policies and attitudes towards conservation and nature impact biodiversity and ecosystem services in the green spaces and water bodies of Bangalore,with the aim of providing informed inputs for management and policy.