INSEE-IIITD International Conference
Sustainable Societies, Ecological Systems and Economic Development
Eleventh INSEE Biennial Conference, 2021, New Delhi
15 - 17 December 2021  

Conference Programme

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Madhu Khanna
Distinguished Professor of Environmental Economics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, U.S.A.
President-Elect & Fellow, Applied and Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA)

Prof. Matthew E. Kahn
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Economics and Business at Johns Hopkins University, U.S.A.
Provost Professor of Economics, University of Southern California, U.S.A.

Dr. David Simpson
Senior Professional Lecturer of Environmental and Resource Economics, American University, U.S.A.
Ex-Director, National Center for Environmental Economics, US EPA
Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future

Special Lecture

Skills for the Green Economy: What, Where and How Much?

Speaker: Dr. Francesco Vona, Senior Economist at the French Economic Observatory of Sciences-Po (OFCE) and Visiting Fellow, Gratham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, LSE

Invited Sessions

** Models of emission-generation technologies and applications

Chair: Prof. Sushama Murty, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Subhash Ray, Department of Economics, University of Connecticut, USA
Title: TBA

Subal Kumbhakar, SUNY Binghamton, U.S.A.
Title: TBA

Sushama Murty: Centre for International Trade and Development, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
Title: Achieving allocative efficiency using economic instruments for pollution control: The case of the Indian thermal power sector

** Economics of Groundwater Extraction and Policy (2 sessions)

Chair: Prof. J.V. Meenakshi, Delhi School of Economics

Aaditya Dar, Indian School of Business
Title:  TBA

Abhijit Banerji, Delhi School of Economics
Title:  Metering in West Bengal. (Joint with Anubhab Gupta and J.V. Meenakshi)

Archisman Mitra, International Water Management Institute
Title:  Can Cash Incentives Modify Groundwater Pumping Behaviours? Evidence from an Experiment in Punjab . (Joint with Soumya  Balasubramnya and Roy Brouwer.)

Disha Gupta, Delhi School of Economics
Title:  Electricity pricing in Punjab

Saif Ali, IIIT-Delhi
Title:  Title: Spatial autocorrelation in groundwater levels. 

Souvik Dutta, IIIT-Delhi
Title:  Does Decentralized Management of Irrigation Affect Use of Water? Evidence from India. (Joint with Sabyasachi Kar.)

** Contingent valuation methods (CVM) and behavioral evidence for the value estimate in CVM

Chair: Dr. Kavita Sardana, TERI School of Advanced Studies

Subhra Bhattacharya, Shiv Nadar University
Title: Strategic Behavior in Double-Bounded Dichotomous Choice Model. (Joint with Kavita Sardana)

Srijita Ghosh, Ashoka University  
Title: Behavioral evidence to scope insensitivity in a CVM study, (Joint with Kavita Sardana)

** Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Environment

Chair: Dr. Saket Anand, Center for Artificial Intelligence, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi

Paper 1: A Hybrid Approach for Tiger Re-Identification. ICCV 2019 Workshop on Computer Vision for Wildlife Conservation.
Authors:  A. Shukla, C. Anderson, G. S. Cheema, P. Guo, S. Onda, D. Anshumaan, S. Anand and R. Farrell  

Paper 2: Primate Face Identification in the Wild. Pacific-Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2019.
Authors: A. Shukla, G. S. Cheema S. Anand, Q. N. Qureshi, and Y. V. Jhala

Paper 3: IN-SAT: A novel land cover classification dataset for Indian Subcontinent. IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2021.
Authors: M. Shah, A.V. Subramanyam, and G. Arora