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The Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE) was established in New Delhi ( India ) on September 24, 1998 . It was registered as a Society under the Societies Act in January 1999. It is a regional society affiliated to the International Society for Ecological Economics ( ISEE ). INSEE aims to further the cause of sustainable development by providing a forum for continuous dialogue among scholars, practitioners and policy analysts working at the interface of the economy, society and the ecosystem.

In that sense, the Society seeks to fulfill the felt need for a catalytic agent and a platform that would facilitate interaction between scholars from various disciplines, particularly economics and the ecological sciences, and including both natural and social sciences. It strives to promote new thinking and better understanding on a range of issues of national and international interest, such as institutions and instruments for natural resources management, energy analysis and policy, environment and trade, toxic waste management, environment and development, the valuation and accounting of ecosystem functions and services, climate change and the global commons.

INSEE works to disseminate the results of research and its policy implications to national and international bodies (governmental and non-governmental) through multiple avenues such as conferences, workshops, networking and publications.