Eighth INSEE Biennial Conference, 2016, Bengaluru
Urbanization and the Environment
4 - 6 January 2016

Cultural Programme

Bhoomthayi Balaga is a folk based, semi professional music band based in Bengaluru. The band operates in a broad value framework of “Sustainable Development and Justice” and is well known for its rhythmic melodies on the issues of environment and lifestyle. The band’s songs such as “Bangalore Bangalore” on disappearing Bangalore's lakes have become quite popular over the years. Since 2008 Balaga has performed in more than 500 venues across Karnataka and possibly the only group in Karnataka which gets invitations to perform at events organised by government departments, educational institutions, civil society groups, environmental organizations, left-wing groups, dalit movements and farmer’s movements alike.

The Balaga team has also dedicated a large portion of their time contributing to the Arkavathi River Rejuvenation campaign through its cultural interventions in the Arkavathi catchment.
At INSEE, Balaga will be presenting songs on the issues of environmental conservation, lifestyle, genetic modification and nuclear energy among other popular numbers. Although all the songs are in Kannada, several English words are used in our songs which can be recognised and contextualised easily. English translations of the lyrics will be displayed on the screen for the convenience of those who do not follow Kannada. 
Ms. Nirmala Ravi
Ms. Mangala
Mr. Hombegowda
Mr. Arun Kumar
Mr. Ramu
Djembe (Africal folk instrument): Mr. Balu Djembe
Tamate: Ravi Shastri
Lyricist and music composer: Janardhana Kesaragade