Seventh INSEE Biennial Conference, 2013, Guwahati
Global Change, Ecosystems, Sustainability
5 - 8 December 2013

December 5, Thursday | 11:30–13:00
1A: Global Change
Chair: Jagdish Krishnaswamy
Presenter Paper
Ajay Kumar Climate Sensitivity and Agriculture Productivity in India: a crop-wise analysis
Ashok Kumar Maurya Climate Change and Groundwater Resources: its reasons and impact
Chandra Sekhar Bahinipati Farm Level Adaptation to Climate Extremes in India: Do we need a separate adaptation policy
December 5, Thursday | 11:30–13:00
1B: Managing Ecosystems
Chair: Kinsuk Mitra
Presenter Paper
Gautam Gupta Toxicity and Profitability of Rice Cultivation under Waste-Water Irrigation: the case of the east Calcutta wetlands
Lavanya Suresh Governing the Resource: a study of the institutions of decentralised forest resource management
Lekha Mukhopadhyay Market driven Depletion of Exhaustible Resources
December 5, Thursday | 11:30–13:00
1C: Sustainability
Chair: Saswati Choudhury
Presenter Paper
Bandana Khataniar Economic growth and the environment in the Asia-Pacific region: a time series analysis from Ecological Footprint (EF) perspective
Jogindra Naik Conservation of Natural Resources for Ecological Sustainability: Implication of MGNREGS in Forested Landscapes of Odisha
Sneha Thapliyal Erosion of Common Pool Resources in India: Role of inequalities
December 5, Thursday | 16:00–17:30
2A: Environment & Development in the North East
Chair: Kedilezo Kikhi
Presenter Paper
Utpal Kumar De Global Warming and the Pattern of Overall Climate Changes in Sub-Himalayan Assam Region of North-East India
Ajit Debanath Challenges of Solid Waste Accumulation and Management in a Growing Urban Area : a study of Itanagar town of Arunachal Pradesh
Philipp Walter Institutions for Sustainable Governance of Forest Resources: equity, forest preservation and cross-scale interactions in Mawlyngbna, Meghalaya, India
December 5, Thursday | 16:00–17:30
2B: Managing Ecosystems
Chair: Purnamita Dasgupta
Presenter Paper
Lok Mani Sapkota Community based forest fire management in Central Siwalik region of Nepal
Swoyambhu Man Amatya What Sustains and what Threatens Ecological Sustainability: review of Nepalese context
Dolly Menon Role of Community in responding to Climate Change and Water Scarcity in Rural context
December 5, Thursday | 16:00–17:30
2C: Sustainability
Chair: Anamika Barua
Presenter Paper
Abhilash Pradhan Heterogeneity, management effectiveness and resource sustainability: evidence from the study of common property forest resources in the sample villages of the Indian state Odisha
Jayita Bit Sustainable Forest Use, Nature of Forward Linkage and the Pattern of Final Consumption: a temporal study on India
Jharna Pathak Subsidies in Indian Agriculture and its impact on the environment
December 6, Friday | 11:30–13:00
3A: Global Change
Chair: Amiya Kumar Das
Presenter Paper
Sibananda Senapati Local vulnerability assessment of climate change and its socio-economic implications: a case of ‘Koli’ communities of Mumbai’
Rajarshi Mitra Need of a paradigm shift in disaster management approach: A case study from coastal Sundarbans
Shruti Mittal International Equity in Sustainable Development: an approach for sharing global environmental resources
December 6, Friday | 11:30–13:00
3B: Managing Ecosystems
Chair: R N Bhattacharya
Presenter Paper
Md. Hafiz Iqbal Nexus between Salinity and Ecological Sustainability of Crop Production of Southwest Coastal Region of Bangladesh: approach of Trans-log Production Function
Mousami Prasad An empirical assessment of the role of corporate towards managing ecosystem: An Indian context
Pleasa Serin Abraham Existence of ‘Carbon Lock-in’ in construction sector: Stakeholder perception of barriers to green construction
December 6, Friday | 11:30–13:00
3C: Sustainability
Chair: S Man Amatya
Presenter Paper
Khan Taufique Does Eco-label Work for Consumers? a quest for identifying the determinants of consumers’ attention and comprehension of Eco-labels
Mark Lindley A ‘Resource-Literate’ Explanation of Differences between two droughts in Maharashtra: (1) in the mid-1970s and (2) in 2012
Richa Minocha Ecological and Cultural Dimensions in Development: a study of Himachal Pradesh
December 6, Friday | 16:00–17:30
4A: Environment & Development in North East
Chair: Kalyan Das
Presenter Paper
Phanindra Goyari Seasonal Variations of HYV Paddy Adoption Patterns and Complimentary Inputs: field level observations from Assam
Subhasis Panda An Overview of effective and promising role of Tangkhul Nagas of Shirui Village in Manipur-Ukhrul district in India to protect Shirui-Lily at Shirui Hills facilitating effective conservation of other threatened wildlives and their habitats in and around Shirui Hills
Amitava Mitra Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development in the eastern Himalayas- issues and challenges
December 6, Friday | 16:00–17:30
4B: Managing Ecosystems
Chair: Gautam Gupta
Presenter Paper
R C Bhatta Coastal Ecosystem Services and Coastal vulnerability along KanyaKumari Coast, Tamil Nadu
Pran Ranjan Environmental approaches of resource owners in open caste coal mining area of Bokaro river basin: challenges and community framework for its redressal
Prachi Singhal Community Management Of Water Resources: a case study of Sukhomajri (Haryana)
December 6, Friday | 16:00–17:30
4C: Sustainability
Chair: Viswa Ballabh
Presenter Paper
Promita Mukherjee Institution and Cooperation: A Study of Women’s Attitudes in Joint Forest Management in India
R Rajendran Managing Canal Water Uncertainty: issues of equity, poverty and sustainability among the farmers of the Cauvery delta
Sunita Dhal Agro-Ecology and Food Security: studying the grain bank practice of women peasants in Kandhamal
December 7, Saturday | 11:30–13:00
5A: Global Change
Chair: Amitava Mitra
Presenter Paper
Prashanta K Banerjee Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emission in SAARC Countries: determinants, economic growth and environmental policy implications
Kalyan Kokuluri Quantifying the impact of Environmental Governance on Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide Emission
Amarnath Tripathi Farmers’ Vulnerability to Climate Change in Uttar Pradesh: its measurement and correlates
December 7, Saturday | 11:30–13:00
5B: Managing Ecosystems
Chair: RC Bhatta
Presenter Paper
Rakesh Kumar Sharma Review of Initiatives in Valuation and Sustainability of Ecosystem Services: some issues for convergence and governance
Saswat Kishore Mishra Do Negative Environmental Externalities Cause Resistance against Land Acquisition? experience of mining districts in Odisha
Tapas Kumar Sarangi Institutional Reforms in Forest Tenure: implementations of FRA 2006 in forested landscape of Odisha
December 7, Saturday | 11:30–13:00
5C: Sustainability
Chair: Nandan Nawn
Presenter Paper
Santadas Ghosh Extreme event, Livelihood Loss and Ecological Sustainability: exploring policy alternatives in Sundarban
Biswajit Ray Groups at Work: a social identity analysis of gender-differentiated social capital and collective action in community-based natural resource management
Suparna Katyaini Virtual Water Trade Flows for Sustainable Use of Water Resources – linking the environment, economy and policy
December 7, Saturday | 16:00–17:00
6A: Environment & Development in North East
Chair: Apurba Kumar Das
Presenter Paper
Amelie Huber The Paradox of Depoliticization – hydropower and the opening of new political spaces in the eastern Himalayas (The paper has been removed as per a request from the author, who may be contacted through for its copy)
Shikhasmita Nath Socio-economical and environmental benefits of Barrringtonia acutangula: a multipurpose floodplain tree species
December 7, Saturday | 16:00–17:00
6B: Sustainability
Chair: Santadas Ghosh
Presenter Paper
P Babu Non-Market/Contingent Valuation of Medicinal Plant Conservation in the protected forest of Anshi National Park from Western Ghat Region of Karnataka
V K Sridhar Biodiversity Conservation and Rehabilitation of Tribal’s from Kudremukh National Park
December 7, Saturday | 16:00–17:00
6C: Sustainability
Chair: Sharad Lele
Presenter Paper
Tamali Chakraborty Analyzing the Impact of Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone Limited (MPSEZL) on Coastal Environment of Gujarat, India
Narendra Nath Dalei Optimizing Resource Extraction Behaviour of Forest Dependent Communities in a mine spoiled degraded Ecosystem