The Fifth INSEE Biennial Conference, 2009, Ahmedabad
Environmental Governance
20 - 21 January 2009

Technical Session-I (Sub Themes F and G)

Sub Theme F: Gender Issues in Environmental Governance
Sub Theme G: Law, Judiciary and Environmental Governance

Chairperson: Dr. Purnamita Dasgupta, Associate Professor, IEG, Delhi

Presenter Paper
Sahu Nirmal Chandra, Bali Santosh Kumar, Issac Aleyamma (paper to be presented by Mrutyunjaya Mishra) Economy of the Fisherwomen in Ganjam District of Orissa: Conditions for Environmental Governance and Sustainable Development
Sharma Shobha, Alokkumar Environment Governance – The Need of Gender Dimension
Tyagi Rani Role of Mountain Women in Environment Governance in India.
Malik Arun Kumar Political Assessment of Water Governance.
Sahu Geetanjoy Implication of Judicial Intervention on Environmental Jurisprudence in India: Contributions and Complications
Shastry Pooja, Rashmi Bela Need of separate Environment Courts in India.
Technical Session-I (Sub Themes H and I)

Sub Theme H: Global Environmental Governance – Climate Change, WTO, etc.
Sub Theme I : Alternate frameworks for Environmental Governance – Green Parties, Green Consumerism, Etc

Chairperson: Prof. Gopal Kadekodi, Former Director, ISEC, Bangalore

Presenter Paper
Mansatta Bhargav Global Environmental Governance – Climate Change, WTO, etc. WTO and Environmental Issues.
Kakkar Jhalak The Scope and Limitation of CDM towards improving the Global Environment.
Prasad M.S.V., B. Sandhya Sri Corporate Environmental Governance What do stakeholders expect?
Shukla Nimisha Self-discipline as a Regulatory Instrument for Environmental Governance (EG) and Gandhian
B. Sandhya Sri , Prasad M.S.V. An assessment of Environmental Governance among learning stakeholders in India.
Technical Session-II D

Sub Theme D: Markets & Environmental Governance, Carbon Credits, etc.

Chairperson : Dr. Nilanjan Ghosh, Senior Vice President, MCX Academia of Economic Research, Mumbai

Presenter Paper
Gupta Anita Chattopadhyay An Investigation into the relationship between Fish Biodiversity and Profit Maximization.
Kashwan Prakash “REDD Blues”: Trading In Forestry Carbon Credits Without Trading Off Sustainability”
Srivastava S K, Kumar Ranjit, Singh R P Irrigation Development and Groundwater Extraction in Uttar Pradesh state: Emerging Issues of Distribution and Sustainability
Thomas Alex Green Marketing Economy: A Model that Leads Market Economy in to ‘Common Future’
Technical Session-II (Sub Theme E)

Sub Theme E: Information Knowledge and IPR Regimes for Environmental Governance

Chairperson : Dr. Sundararaman. Former General Secretary, IPCC, Geneva

Presenter Paper
Lalitha N., Vishvanathan P K Pesticide Applications in BT cotton Farms: Issues relating to Environment and Non Tariff Barriers.
Mitra Ananya, Mukherji Protyaya Fraternizing with the Enemy: A Reassessment of the Conflict(S) between Environmental Governance and IPRs
Sabharwal Shruti, Kripalani Rahul Defining the role and Scope of I.P.R. in the Realm of Environmental Governance in India:
Technical Session-III (Sub Theme A)

Sub Theme E: Emerging Concepts and Applications of Interdisciplinary Knowledge involving Ecology and Economics.

Chairperson : Prof. Joan Martinez Alier, Former President, ISEE

Presenter Paper
Gupta Vijaya, Hegde D S, Mythili G, Patil Rajesh Valuation of Urban Environmental Amenities in Mumbai and its Suburbs: A Hedonic Pricing Approach.
Somnath Mukharjee, Chattopadhyay Pranab Kumar Ecological Degradation and the Tribal Livelihood in Purulia, A District, W.B.
Parthasarathy R., Raja Soumini A Paradox in Environment and Economic Development in the context of Probable Impacts due to Sea Level in Low Elevation Coastal Zones: The Case of Surat City.
Sharma Rakesh Kumar, Sankhayan Prem Lall, Singh Ranveer Analysis of Land Use Changes and Forest Degradation in a Micro Watershed of Himachal Himalaya “An Application of Bio-Economic Modeling”
Srinivasan Jeena T Reddy V Ratna Waste water Irrigation in the Peri-Urban areas of Hyderabad: A Case Study of the Health Risks
Technical Session-III (Sub Theme B)

Sub Theme D: Regulatory Institutions Regulatory Failures, Pollution Control Boards, EIA Debate, Etc.

Chairperson : Prof. Amita Shah, Gujarat Institute of Development Research, Ahmedabad

Presenter Paper
Mukherjee Aparajita Environmental Impact of some Rural Industrialization Programmes in West Bengal: Need for new Instrument of Environmental Governance.
Sathyapalan Jyothis, Srinivasan Jeena T Maintaining a viable small-scale Fishery: A Study of Regulatory Failures and Over Capitalization in the Palk Bay Fishery.
Sekar C., Chandrasekeran M., and Maheswari M An Inquiry into the Industrial Growth, Agricultural Production System and Environmental Deterioration in Bhavani Taluk of Tamil Nadu.
Mishra Mrutyunjaya, Sahu Nirmal Chandra Environmental Governance and State Pollution Control Boards.
Chandramohan B.P., Bharathi D. Role of Public Governance in the Conservation of Urban Wetland System: A Study of Pallikkaranai Marsh
Datta Ashokkumar The Incidence of Fuel Taxation in India
Gulati Monish Improving Environmental Compliance through Mandatory Disclosures: A Home Grown Model for Indian States
Kaushik Gupta Pollution Control and Welfare in General Equilibrium: is there a Trade Off between Tax and Standard?
Leena Thatte and Sujata Khadilkar Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Solid Waste Management Practices in Navi Mumbai
Technical Session-IV (Sub Theme C)

Sub Theme D: Institutions for Natural Resources Management and Needs for Innovation.

Chairperson : Prof. R. Parthasarathy, Director, Gujarat Institute of Development Research, Ahmedabad

Presenter Paper
Banerjee Sudeshna Overseeing the Disappearance of an Ecosystem: Governance in West Bengal and the Wetlands to the East of Kolkata.
Mishra Prajna Paramita Jagannath Harish Pranav Corporate Social Responsibility in Coal Mining: A Case of Singareni Collieries Company.
Nagar Shailesh Biofuels in India: Contextualizing the Discourse.
Puttaswamaiah S., Raju K V Compensation and Reward for Ecosystems Services: A New Approach for Natural Resource Management.
Tapas Kumar Sarangi An analysis of Forest Institutions in Orissa
N C Narayanan and Jayati Chourey Environmental Governance: Concept, Complexity and Contextual Illustration through the Case of Three Indian Wetlands