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Prize Winner 2019

The Prize Jury for the Bina Agarwal Prize for Ecological Economics consisting of Clement Tisdell (Chair), John Gowdy and E. Somanathan have unanimously decided to award the First Bina Agarwal Prize for Ecological Economics to Professor Joan Martinez-Alier for his outstanding contributions to ecological economics. The citation reads as follows:

This award is in recognition of Joan Martinez-Alier's pioneering work integrating ecological economics with environmental justice. He co-invented the notion of the “environmentalism of the poor” that recognizes the dependence of the poor on the natural environment. He has made important practical contributions to environmental justice, including the EJ Atlas, and has provided online mapping of conflicts involving natural resources and the environment.

The Prize consists of a cash prize of Rupees Two Lakhs plus a citation which will be presented to Professor Joan Martinez-Alier at the Tenth Biennial Conference of the Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE) scheduled to be held during November 6-8, 2019 at the Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS), Hyderabad.

Our hearty congratulations to Professor Joan Martinez-Alier.