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Ecology, Economy and Society- The INSEE Journal An open-access peer reviewed bi-annual journal of ecological economics

The Journal of the Indian Society of Ecological Economics (INSEE), c/o Institute of Economic Growth, University Enclave, North Campus, Delhi, 110007

  1. Volume 3, Issue 1; Jan 2020
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Editorial
  4. Ecology, Economy and Society through an interdisciplinary lens
    Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt
  5. Commentary
  6. Integral Ecology: An unexpected support for Ecological Economics by Pope Francis
    Marina Fischer-Kowalski
  7. Thematic Essays
  8. Has economics caught up with climate science?
    Shreekant Gupta
  9. Soil conservation in a watershed: institutional alternatives
    Chandan Singha
  10. Research Papers
  11. Co-location, socioeconomic status and perceptions of environmental change in the Indian Sundarbans
    Susmita Dasgupta, Bansari Guha and David Wheeler
  12. Adaptation measures to combat climate change impacts on agriculture: An empirical investigation of Chambal Basin
    Ganesh Kawadia and Era Tiwari
  13. CONVERSATIONS: National Mineral Policy 2019 — balancing stakeholder interests and concerns
  14. Editorial Note: Recognising diverse stakeholders in mineral policy: a trajectory over time
    Nandan Nawn
  15. A business-friendly new mineral policy
    Pradeep Kumar Jain
  16. Economic opportunities and environmental challenges offered by India’s new mineral policy
    Ram Ranjan
  17. National mineral policy 2019: a remedy as bad as the disease?
    S Vijay Kumar
  18. Will intergenerational equity be implemented?
    Rahul Basu
  19. Notes From The Field
  20. MGNREGA farm pond works–perspectives of people and policy
    Dimple Tresa Abraham and Neetha N
  21. Rising drinking water insecurity in the Indian Himalayan region of Sikkim: A multi-stakeholder perspective
    Barun Kumar Thakur, Kanish Debnath, Vaishali Dhingra and Debi Prasad Bal
  22. Vulnerabilities and resilience in post-Fani Chilika: lessons from the field
    Shreyashi Bhattacharya
  23. Book Review
  24. Political Ecology of Survival: Life and Labour in the River Islands of East and North-East India edited by Madhurilata Basu, Rajat Roy and Ranabir Samaddar
    Riverine ecology of eastern and north-eastern India

    Arupjyoti Saikia
  25. Climate Change and the Humanities: Historical, Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Contemporary Environmental Crisis edited by A Elliott, J Cullis, and V Damodaran
    Interdisciplinarity and the challenges of environmental sensemaking

    Ramya K Tella
  26. Climate Change Governance and Adaptation: Case studies from South Asia edited by A Barua, V Narain, and S Vij
    Climate change adaptation in the global south

    Chandni Singh
  27. Low Carbon Pathways for Growth in India edited by Rajat Kathuria, Saon Ray and Kuntala Bandyopadhyay
    India’s quest for low carbon transition

    P Balachandra
  28. India in a Warming World: Integrating Climate Change and Development edited by Navroz K Dubash
    Policy and politics in India in the age of global warming

    Rohit Jha
  29. Report
  30. A Report on national seminar “Ecology, Environment and Religions: Key Issues and Challenges”
    Kanchan Bharati and Dhananjay Kumar