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Ecology, Economy and Society- The INSEE Journal An open-access peer reviewed bi-annual journal of ecological economics

The Journal of the Indian Society of Ecological Economics (INSEE), c/o Institute of Economic Growth, University Enclave, North Campus, Delhi, 110007

  1. Volume 2, Issue 1; Jan 2019
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Editorial
  4. Environment, Sustainability and Equity
    Kamal Bawa
  5. Commentary
  6. Sustainability transitions from an ecological economic perspective
    Inge Ropke
  7. Thematic Essays
  8. Ecological Critiques of Exclusionary Conservation
    Asmita Kabra
  9. SPECIAL SECTION: Ecological Distribution Conflicts in India: Some Insights on the Role of Violence
  10. Editorial
    Joan Martinez-Alier and Brototi Roy
  11. Discontent, conflict, social resistance and violence at non-metallic mining frontiers in India
    Arpita Bisht
  12. Relocation from protected areas as a violent process in the recent history of biodiversity conservation in India
    Eleonora Fanari
  13. Environmental Justice Movements in India: An analysis of the multiple manifestations of violence.
    Brototi Roy and Joan Martinez-Alier
  14. Research Papers
  15. Quantifying Air Pollution Vulnerability and its Distributional Consequences: Some Perspectives from Delhi
    Shivani Gupta, Sukanya Das and M N Murty
  16. Discussion
  17. Importance of Tightly Coupled Equations in Model-ling Grassland Ecological Economics: A response to Mihir Mathur and Kabir Sharma
    Chandanathil P Geevan, Arun M Dixit and Chandra S Silori
  18. Response to comments by C.P. Geevan, Arun Dixit and Chandra Shekhar Silori
    Mihir Mathur and Kabir Sharma
  19. Notes From The Field
  20. Mountain agriculture at a crossroads? Understanding household-level decision-making in rapidly changing socio-economic contexts
    Reinmar Seidler, Rinzi Lama and Poonam Rai
  21. Tides of Change in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    Meera Anna Oommen and Madhuri Ramesh
  22. Book Review
  23. Shooting at the wrong target
    Eswaran Somanathan
  24. An Environmental Basis for Comparing different Histories and Experiences
    Lanukumla Ao
  25. Industrialisation in India: the Many Worlds of Discord and Resistance
    Radhika Krishnan
  26. Report
  27. A Report on the International Biodiversity Congress
    A. Biju Kumar
  28. A Report on the Fifteenth Conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics
    Rajeswari S. Raina